Altar’d is a boutique-style furniture and home decor store with locations in Pearland and Mont Belvieu, TX.
The owners, Mandie and Colby Morris, started the business nine years ago as Mandie painted furniture and Colby made deliveries after getting home from his “real job.”
We opened a small 1,000 square foot showroom, by appointment only at first.
We then moved to a 2,000 square foot showroom and invited multiple vendors. We were there for two years before moving to our 2500 square foot location in Deer Park.
In February of 2017, we opened our second location in Mont Belvieu, TX, just east of Baytown.
That location is about 3,000 square feet, but it is so open that feels much much bigger!
In April of 2018, we closed our Deer Park store and moved to Pearland.
The Pearland store is 6200 square feet, and is located inside the Pearland Town Center Mall.
We have been blessed with amazing customers, most of which we now consider friends and family.

Our furniture is now new, but often made of reclaimed wood. We no longer paint our furniture, but we want to make sure that each and every piece is something we would love to put in our home, and fits into the style that Altar’d has developed.
Many pieces are what is called “limited run.”
That means the company only makes so many of each piece (sometime 6-8), and we try to get them all.
We do carry some bedroom sets and dining sets that can be ordered, as long as they are beautiful and match our style.

About 99 percent of our decor is “found” or vintage pieces. We go picking several times a month and bring it back to each store to make it as unique and amazing as it can be!

We are still a small business. We don’t give the hard pressure sales that many places do.
We want to help you find the piece you love, and help you decorate your home.
We want you to love Altar’d and build a relationship with you to help you make your house feel more like home.